Just uploaded in the Gallery are 63 restored photos of the Alabama Hunt Club members from 1983. The originals were sent in by old member Mick Meilicke and photo restored by Hans Baumgaertner.

Who are these people? Can you identify them? Browse through the 1983 gallery under “Old Club Photos” and start commenting!

  1. Sandy Stornelli says:

    I believe the fella playing the banjo is Tim Stone. The other fella I don’t remember. We camped with him a lot back when Mick, Ken, Sammy, Floodie, Kathy, myself and I’m sorry for those I left out, the memory isn’t what it used to be. The good old days, I just wish I could remember them!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Hans says:

      I see there is something wrong with the lightbox script running in the Gallery. Something must have broke in an update. Give me a couple minutes to make a setting change. I’ll post back here when I have it fixed.

    • Hans says:

      It will be working in a few minutes. Something was linked wrong in the Gallery. Must have been caused by an update to a script. I’m re-generating the picture cache which will take about an hour or so. If things don’t look right in the Gallery, just wait.

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