AHC001bThe daughter of a former AHC (John Sliker) was cleaning house and found some pictures she thought the club might be interested in having. She contacted Hans through the website and he coordinated with Moose to obtain the photos. The event took place on April 29, 1962. Looks like a Hillbilly shoot of some kind. John Sliker’s daughter told me she remembers her father teaching her how to make the hillbilly hat by soaking a felt hat in hot water and then stretching it with a broom handle.

John Sliker is second from the left in Photo AHC001c (and in other pics, as well.). I think That’s Jerry Cory in photo AHC002c.


To view the photos in the gallery, simply click this link: http://alabamahuntclub.com/gallery/old-club-photos/1962/

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