The Alabama Hunt Club started with a few hunters and a dream in the late 1930s;
things really did not get started until 1946 when the club became incorporated.

In 1948 the group of hunters bought 40 acres of land. Until then, meetings were held
in the I.O.O.F. lodge until 1954 at which time the club house was built. In 1957 about ten
were planted with trees which today hold an abundance of wildlife. The first backstop was
erected in June of 1958 and in July, the club held its first sanctioned shoot. The National
Muzzle Loading Rifle Association helped with the matches, targets, and rules. In February
of 1959 the firing range finally got its cover.

The next few years were pretty quiet until 1988 when the club experienced more
changes. At that time the size of the club house was doubled along with the size of the
range. This was nevessary to accommodate the growing number of members joining the
club to enjoy the best shooting facilities in New York.

At present we have more than 100 members from the Western New York area that
are dedicated to the sopot and tratition of muzzle loading black powder firearms. We are a
member of the National Rifle Association (NRA). We are also invloved with the New York
State Wildlife Federation, The New York State Conservation Department, the Western
New York Bow Hunters Association, and the Boy Scouts.

Many members are involved with Revolutionary and Civil War reenactment groups
and have participated at Fort Niagara, Fort William Henry and Fort Ticonderoga. Many
members are active in primitive camping and dress.

The Alabama Hunt Club was formed in 1946 by a group of folks who all shared a love
of our nation’s heritage as well as for Muzzle Loading firearms. Friendly competition and
camaraderie attracted more members as the years passed.

Today, the reasons for gathering at the range are still the same. Our members, both
men and women, young and a little more “seasoned”, still enjoy the friendship and challenge
of competition with Muzzle Loading firearms. Welcome are those in primitive dress or
modern clothing; flintlock or percussion; rifle or smoothbore; modern or traditional.