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    I blacklisted China in the master security program running on the website as we were getting a ton of queries per day. You should have noticed the site running more smoothly. If India increases the queries, then it will be on the blacklist as well 🙂



    What in this world would they want with this website?



    You’d be surprised. The viewers of this site are a free audience for posting spam links for products, especially pornographic material.

    The original forum I ran for the club about 7 years ago near the end had that being posted daily as security measures weren’t as advanced as they are today. At that time, I was forced to suspend registrations as I was removing 12+ spam accounts per day and removing numerous posts.

    It was at that point where I launched version 2 of the website to combat future attempts at fraud registrations. Version 2 was pretty good, but there were better ways to block people.

    Version 3 was great, barely 1 fraud spam account got through each year. But website updates were a challenge for that system to keep it secure, and now we are on Version 4. Version 4 has a better system for checking spam bots, the only thing I had to tweak to make the site run faster was to block traffic from sources (countries) where spam registrations would likely come from, like China. Our queries (database checks) dropped from about 150 per day to barely 1 since blocking China. Now the site runs faster since it isn’t checking each query in a massive database somewhere else if this email/name/location combination was reported as spam by another community site administrator.

    Long response, but now you know. I’ll be at the shoot on Sunday if you want to ask me more details on this. Now you know a glimpse into what goes into maintaining a community-based website to keep it safe and secure. There are always new things on the market that spammers used to register and post, so keeping things up to date is a continual process.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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